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Afaan Oromo rap is becoming increasingly popular in the region and it’s exciting to see more people embracing artists like Bako Shekissa who just released Bareeda ft Yaba Gobana.

The power of Music



Music evokes emotion by nature. Not only do certain melodies make us feel happy, sad, or want to dance, but they are embedded in our memories as well.



Studies have shown that music is an effective form of therapy for reducing anxiety, depression, trauma, psychosis, and stress.



Music can capture an emotional state or personal situation in the best way possible. Music exists to speak the words we can’t express.

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Preserving culture through music

Oromo musicians have had a significant impact on the culture and advancement of Oromo people. They have used their music to express the struggles and experiences of the Oromo people, as well as to promote cultural pride and unity. Oromo music has played a role in the political and social movements of the Oromo people, and many Oromo musicians have become cultural icons and leaders within their communities.

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“Vision entertainment team, u guys are amazing ,releasing very modern and quality videos keep going"
"An Amazing and noteworthy music with great performance and quality by an Extraordinary Artist "
“For some us who are no more living in that society, this type of cultural music is a master piece that ignites our childhood memory and reminds US our root. It is so beautiful!!! Thank you!"